Aries dog horoscope-the leaders

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If you own an Aries dog then you can check out the Aries dog horoscope to know about your dog traits and other qualities. As per the Aries dog horoscope, the Aries Dog have a special motto to be the first. Thus, it is quite dominating and loves to take up challenges. It has the inherent quality of being a leader and thus it might end up being selfish. You would love to own the dog as they also possess the characteristic of being physically active all the time. To get different tasks done by your dog, it becomes important to give it a rigorous training so that it learns to accept your instructions. Problem arises in certain cases when they hold grudges but on the other hand they can be really kind at heart sometimes! Because of their characteristics they are not concerned with the other pets in the house. There are number of dogs which belong to the Aries dog category such as Gun Dogs, Whippets, Lurchers and those of the hunting variety. These dogs are one of their kind and can definitely guard your house well. They would make great pets if trained well!