Gemini dog horoscope-the attention seeker

horoscope, gemini

If your dog has its birth date lying between May 20 and June 20, then it has Gemini as its zodiac sign. Some of the most common traits of a Gemini dog are restless, versatile as well as exuberant. In fact, it also seeks attention and is active. You would enjoy the company of your Gemini dog in certain activities such as while reading newspapers, magazines, and watching TV. Besides, you wouldn’t get bored as you would enjoy the company of your dog while playing games. It also has the capability to easily convey its feelings to you. However there are some very noticeable physical traits of the dog such as it might be slightly underweight. You might also have a tough time training your dog as it believes that it knows all. The ruling planet of a Gemini dog is Mercury and also come under the category of fastest runners. A very common example can be sought in the form of Greyhound born as a Gemini which is a successful runner. So you would definitely love the company of your dog and it would be even more exciting if you give your dog constant attention.