Leo dog horoscope-the pampered one!

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If you wish to have the superstar among all the dogs, then you must bring home a dog of the Leo Zodiac. It has elegance about it and no other zodiac can match the style. As per the Leo dog horoscope, these dogs love to be showered with compliments and praises as well as attract a lot of attention. These dogs love to acquire all the love and adoration. Give your Leo dog all the luxury and an exceptional treatment and it would love it. In fact, they also make great companions for children as they love to play. The dog is quite tender and has a heart of gold. However, it doesn’t like to be dominated at all or be treated meanly. On the negative side, the Leo dogs can be slightly self-centred and to capture attention, these can go to any measure. In fact, they are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. However these suffer from certain issues such as back and spine problems and some afflictions of the eyes. However these make very charming and loving dogs is you pamper them enough. They are quite protective since they are very courageous!