Libra dog horoscope-important traits of the dog

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The basic characteristics of a Libra Dog are that it needs plenty of food or will obey you less. The Libra dog loves lazing around but has a very gentle temperament. As per the Libra dog horoscope, these dogs tend to have a very well-balanced nature which adds even more to its temperament. Besides, it would be great if you offer your dog a calorie-counted meal since it has to be well-nourished. The most amazing fact about a Libra dog like humans is that the male Libra Dog would love to spend a lot of time along with the opposite sex. If you happen to own a Libra dog, then you would definitely find it to be pleasant and quite controlled animal. But it can be a difficult story with a female Libra Dog. It doesn’t have a very controlled nature and it can be easily swayed by its male counterpart. Another important feature of a Libra Dog is that it comes with a possessive nature and has a very pleasing attitude. It acknowledges affection and is quite expressive of it to its owner. The dog is quite tactful and among all is quite faithful to the owner.