Life Path 1

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Numerology life path number 1 would give you an insight into the lives of all the individuals whose date of birth adds up to 1 in the final place. An individual with a life path 1 is born with leadership qualities and would continue to possess the same throughout his life. Such people are more of individuals and get disturbed with intrusion in their personal spaces. Individual achievements are much higher placed and extremely satisfying for people born with the life path 1. Most of the people around who have possessed and exhibited leadership qualities in their respective fields have been possessor of life path 1.

People with life path 1 are full of energy and enthusiasm and this is what pushes them to reach to their goals determined and unshaken. They are extremely strong from the inside and capable of dealing even with the toughest of tough situations head on. This is another aspect of their leadership qualities. Life path 1 holders are also very innovative and inquisitive. They are well known to be individualistic and original and their thinking and continue to possess this attitude throughout their lives. They are also very ambitious and that comes naturally from their leadership abilities.