Life Path 22

man, sunset, twenty two

If you were born under the influence of life path 22, then you can face the extreme possibilities in your life by either by achieving something great in the world or might have a troubled soul if you do not overcome the negativities. You have the power to become successful in your chosen profession. In fact you are also gifted with the quality to accomplish a lot if you are prepared and well equipped. However there are certain negative traits which you need to keep under control to be an achiever. You need to take control of your nerves and emotions to gain success at each and every move. You are also a romantic at heart but you share an impersonal love. You need to maintain a balance so that you are aware of both your strength as well as shortcomings on the other hand. Since you can be a master builder, hence it is important to make sure that you must not put your power for any selfish reason as this will create problems for you. With such an attitude you can easily flourish in the business or political fields. Hence with a great attitude, people with life path 22 can leave a mark.