Moon phases for gardening

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The four phases of the moon play a great role when it comes to gardening and planting your own crops. The idea dates back to ancient times and the belief rests on the fact that the gravitational pull of the moon is responsible for influencing your crops as it has a great impact on the moisture present in the soil. During the new moon phase, due to large gravitational pull, the water is forced to come up as a result of which the seeds swell and finally burst. In fact, what adds to it is the sufficient amount of moonlight available. So this time is apt for planting crops such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower and others. However, when the second quarter approaches the gravitational pull is comparatively less but this is compensated by abundant moonlight. Beans, melons, peas, squash and tomatoes can be planted at this time especially two days before full moon. The third phase approaches after the full moon during the waning moon period. This time moon’s gravitational pull is higher however the moonlight is less. This is best for planting the root crops such as carrots, onions, potatoes etc. This is followed by the fourth quarter when both the gravitational pull and moonlight decrease. This is also referred as the resting period.