Sagittarius dog horoscope

horoscope, sagittarius

Different dogs possess different personalities and as a dog owner, you wish to know the sun sign that governs the characteristics of your pet canine. If your dog is playful and happy by nature then it is surely a Sagittarius dog. These dogs always want to seek attention of their master and are optimistic. The Sagittarius dog is full of quality and can learn some tricks to amuse its master very easily. These dogs are lucky and extremely brave dogs and are reliable and trustworthy. There are several large dogs that are born under this sign like Labradors, German Shepherds etc.

The Sagittarius dog is healthier than other canine pets, and has got delicate and fine ankles and feet. This dog requires greener places and continuous excitement along with freedom. It likes to travel longer distances without slowing down and thus has very strong feet. The Sagittarius dog possesses a complex personality which is quiet confusing for the dog; it cannot decide easily what actually it wants. This dog experiences continuous conflicts from within but, on the whole, it is very enthusiastic and has got bright eyes and wet nose. Also this dog gets friendly with its master very easily and thus you will love your Sagittarius dog.