Taurus dog horoscope

horoscope, taurus

The Taurus dog horoscope states that this dog can be tremendously stubborn and thus there is a need of early training for the dogs born under this zodiac sign. If this dog finds that tits master is been threatened than it can become angry which is quiet opposing its placid behavior. This dog is very fond of food so you need to watch your dog because excess of weight is dangerous and bad for the health of a dog. The Taurus dog needs a lot of affection and attention from its master and also tires a lot to make its master happy.

The Taurus dog is a faithful and loyal creature towards its master and is unlikely to run from the home. You cannot make this dog move from its place if it is not willing to do so, although a well trained and skilled Taurus dog is very obedient and affectionate. It serves as the best companions for the little ones of your house as the Taurus dog loves children and cares for them. This dog loves to do things calmly so no rushing! The Taurus dog is a patient creature and can wait for long for his food which it loves the most.